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What is the FedEx Retiree Club (FERC)?

The FedEx Retiree Club is a non-profit, tax exempt organization under section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors to the FERC may not deduct dues or contributions on individual IRS tax returns.

The club provides you the opportunity to stay in touch with people who have a common background. Club members are retirees, active employees and former employees from all FedEx Companies. Get involved by participating in ongoing club activities. If you choose, you can also make a positive difference by engaging in any of the many volunteer opportunities. Participation is what you make it!

Your membership in the club is valued regardless of your location.  The club board is reaching out to members outside Memphis in order to add activities, discounts, and other things to improve the club experience for our satellite members. Your input and ideas are welcome.  In fact, we have a "Lunch with FERC" program. Memphis, Colorado Springs and Denver participate in monthly meetings now. Wouldn't it be great if we all had lunch the same day at the same time in other cities around the world? Interested? Join the club to find out more!

As a member of the club, you have the opportunity to: 
  • Access the online FERC membership directory to communicate with club members you worked with and reconnect with members you may have lost touch with over time.
  • Stay current on FedEx health, benefits, interline travel discounts, etc offered to FedEx retirees.
  • Help out your community through various volunteer and charitable activities. Share the information about your activities with other FERC members by contacting our IT Chair and having your activities published on the club website.
  • Participate in determining the club's future direction. We welcome all members globally to take the opportunity to help make FERC a great organization.
  • Access the latest information regarding specific discounts available to our members.
  • Access links to other websites that provide useful retiree and senior information as well as other discount sites that may be useful.
  • Receive the FedEx Retiree Newsletter -- a world class bi-monthly publication that provides a variety of articles to keep you up-to-date with member's passion stories and club happenings.
  • Attend our Memphis monthly luncheon with great guest speakers...from basketball coaches to CEO of airlines to local prominent officials to FedEx Management. 
  • Participate in "Lunch with FERC" like our Colorado members. You can too!
  • Attend club functions that provide information on benefits, health, finance, etc. Don't forget our annual Memphis silent auction!
  • Purchase club apparel, license plates and personalized calling cards.

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